What you should expect

200 Investors

Coming from Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom...

More than 1 600 Meetings

One-to-Ones, One-to-Fews, Group Presentations, Workshops....

80 Listed Companies

Coming from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey....


Welcome Coffee

One-to-Ones, One-to-Fews, General Presentations

Lunch Breaks

One-to-Ones, One-to-Fews, General Presentations

End of the Day

Why should you attend?

  • Meet only investors interested in your stock
  • Find issuers matching your fund management strategy
  • One-to-one meetings, organized prior to our events
  • Optimized agendas
  • Upon request, information on investors' profiles

Smallcap Event's key figures 2017


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